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Is Your Organisation Prepared for GDPR?


As the task of securing your organisation’s valuable data gets increasingly complicated, the need for simple but powerful interfaces is becoming more important than ever.


CyberOrchard have been working exclusively within the data security industry for over 20 years and are fully acquainted with all the challenges and solutions the industry has to offer. We will provide the appropriate solution, consultancy and managed services to fully implement an efficient and secure data security programme.


Wherever data lives in transit on the network, at rest in storage, or in use at an endpoint, we provide the necessary security solutions and services to significantly reduce your organisation’s risk of data loss.


CyberOrchard partners with focused technologies that cover different risk vectors. Our partnerships are based on the technology, vision and determination to solve the everyday challenges you deal with. Our rounded portfolio provides thorough and effective solutions to your information security challenges.

Consultancy Services

CyberOrchard’s experienced consultants will rapidly deploy your chosen data security solutions, providing maximum return on investment for minimum cost outlay. We provide strategy, architecture design and full documentation to integrate seamlessly with your existing operations.

Managed Services

CyberOrchard’s iSOC provides complete managed data security protection. The iSOC monitors your data security technologies and provides rapid alerts to any threats. Our extensive automation programmes allow us to maximise detection and provide effective protection of your organisation’s data.

Why Should you Take Control of Your Data?

Data is growing

Data volumes are growing exponentially, thus dramatically increasing opportunities for theft and accidental disclosure of sensitive information.

Regulations and policies are constantly changing

Most organisations do not have the capability or expertise to stay reactive to the changes in both regulation and business structure, increasing vulnerability.

Resources and expertise are limited

IT departments are constantly contending with new challenges within their organisations, such that they simply do not have the capability to remediate and keep on top of the ever-growing issue.

Huge rise in hack attacks as cyber-criminals target small businesses. Experts say consequences for SMEs that ignore security risks can be disastrous

- The Guardian

Estimates that cyber crime costs the UK economy a significant £27 billion a year. Cyber crime eating away at potential for small businesses

- Federation of Small Businesses

In 2014, 60% of small businesses experienced a cyber breach. The average cost of the worst breach was £65,000-£115,000.

- HM Government

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