How To : Create a User Account in DLP

1 Log into the Symantec DLP platform and navigate to the DLP Users menu, you can reach this by following the path System > Login Management > DLP User.

2 In this menu click the button Add DLP User in the top left of the screen.

3 Add a user name for the new user in the Name field, tick the Password Access box and create a password for said user as well.

4 Scroll down the page until you reach the Roles section and tick the box for the role that you wish to apply to the user. If they have multiple roles, then be sure to select their default role in the drop-down box below (See “How to Create a Role” for instructions on how to set up and configure Roles).

5 Click the Save button in the top left of the screen one you have completed these settings and the new DLP User should now be created.