How To : Filter Incidents and Summarise

To filter and summarise on Symantec DLP you have several options.

You can filter a scan via Status, specific Scan, Target ID and/or a time frame (Detection Date)  by using the drop down box.

These can be further filtered by choosing a specific Severity:

In order to display any changes made click the Apply button:

Clicking on the Advanced Filters & Summarization button will open a new box.

From here you can choose to add a filter or to summarise by a certain category

Adding a filter will give you the following options below. In this example the policy filter is applied which would allow you to filter via a specific policy.

There are plenty of different ways to filter scans and multiple filters can be applied at a given time.

If you would like to remove a filter, press on its respective red cross.

Scans may also be summarised by selecting a primary and secondary summary.

Once selected the scan will be summarised as shown below, with numbers of incidents and matches etc. shown both individually and overall.