How To : Restart DLP Services

1 Click on the start menu and search for the Services application, open it to see a list of services that are currently running.

2 From the Services menu scroll down to the section where the Symantec services are running, they will follow the Vontu naming convention;

3 Stop all running services in the following order:

  1. VontuMonitorController (if applicable)
  2. VontuIncidentPersister
  3. VontuManager
  4. VontuNotifier
  5. VontuUpdate (if necessary)

4 Once all the services have fully stopped you can begin to restart them, be sure to Start the services in the following order:

  1. VontuNotifier
  2. VontuManager
  3. VontuIncidentPersister
  4. VontuMonitorController (if applicable)
  5. VontuUpdate (if necessary)

5 Wait until all these services are running correctly and you may then resume using Symantec DLP.