How To Guides

Symantec Data Loss Prevention is an amazing platform that covers many different aspects of data security. Navigating the platform can be confusing until you become familiar with how the information is presented and how to manipulate this to focus on the results you want to investigate.

For this reason CyberOrchard have created simple How To Guides to help you get to grips with the DLP console and become an expert in getting your results out into the format you need.

How To Navigate Symantec Enforce

HOW TO : Login to the Console

HOW TO : Access Incidents

HOW TO : Filter Results

HOW TO : Export Results

How To Manage Incidents and Scans

HOW TO : Set status for Incidents

HOW TO : Create Discover Scans

How To Manage Users

HOW TO : Create and Configure Roles

HOW TO : Create Users in DLP

How To Manage DLP Services

HOW TO : Restart DLP Services

HOW TO : Restart Services for Oracle Patching