Take Control of Your Data

The most important asset to your organisation is your data. Because intruders realise its value, it is under constant threat. Our Protected Data Managed Service is focused on protecting and monitoring your organisation’s data from the inside out. Out approach leverages best-of-breed solutions to provide organisations a customisable service, unique to their environment.

Our highly skilled and experienced team work closely with your IT security team to understand your company’s unique requirements. Wherever data lives in transit on the network, at rest in storage, or in use at an endpoint, we provide a complete managed service to significantly reduce your organisation’s data leakage risk.

We offer all of our technology solutions as a fully hosted managed service and integrates seamlessly into your organisation. CyberOrchard’s iSOC is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure, monitored by experience security experts who detect anomalies and protect your organisation’s data.

Data in Rest

Discover Sensitive Data across Infrastructure

Identify Structured and Unstructured Data

Enable Access Controls on Data

Data in Motion

Monitor and Protect  Data in Motion

Data Monitoring Via Email

Detecting Network traffic to the Web

Supporting a Wide Range of Network Protocols

Network Segmentation

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Databases

Microsegment and Rescue Attack Surface

Application Aware Security Policies

Application Telemetry

Cloud Security

Extend Data Loss Prevention to the Cloud

Application Policy as a Service

Application Protection Across Multi-Clouds