Information Centric Tagging

Classify, Tag, and Protect Your Sensitive Data Empower users to determine what data is truly sensitive and protect it.

Classify Your Data

Symantec Information Centric Tagging (ICT) allows employees to apply different levels of classification to data. This leverages the knowledge and context that users inherently have to identify data that is truly sensitive in turn enhancing existing data protection solutions such as Data Loss Prevention. Data Classification is seamlessly integrated into the user interface of leading productivity applications, enabling employees to effortlessly apply a classification tag. Symantec ICT delivers more accurate data discovery outcomes, reduces “false negatives”, drives decisions on data protection, and improves user awareness and compliance with enterprise data protection policies.

Your first step to securing your cloud data

The loss of valuable information is a major concern for every organization; and the consequences of a data breach can severely impact brand reputation, endanger customer trust, and cost competitive advantage. It can also result in high fines and penalties for regulatory noncompliance.
According to IT analysis firm IDC, the total volume of data worldwide will increase by 10 times over the next 8 years, driven by the usage of cloud and mobile applications. Organizations must figure out how to protect both their existing data that may be scattered across on-premises repositories, cloud services, and user devices as well as new content they create at an ever-increasing rate. As the total amount of unstructured data grows, so does the risk of losing control over what is truly sensitive.
Along with balancing the need to protect a diverse range of sensitive and valuable information—regardless of whether the data is on-premises, on a user’s device, or in the cloud—organizations need to allow collaboration among employees, partners, customers, suppliers, and investors, spanning organizations and locations worldwide.

New security approach

The first step to secure sensitive and valuable data is to identify which data you need to protect. Symantec™ Information Centric Tagging provides an additional layer of user-driven data classification by empowering employees to identify and classify sensitive files and email as they create or handle them.
Classification is seamlessly integrated into the user interface of leading productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office® and Outlook®, enabling employees to effortlessly apply a classification tag.

Data tagging and classification

Symantec Data Loss Prevention can automate the process of detecting sensitive data with its comprehensive content-aware and context-aware detection capabilities that employ a powerful combination of industry-leading textual, non textual, and machine learning-based detection technologies. But to ensure all the right data is properly protected, it is important to rely on more than just data loss prevention. Organisation must also engage the content creators and editors in the decision-making process because their judgement and knowledge is critical to properly identifying and ascribing context to the sensitive data you must protect.
By engaging the users who create and handle the data to determine what’s truly sensitive, Information Centric Tagging can help reduce data loss prevention “false negatives” and enhance detection of sensitive data with more accurate outcomes, without requiring administrators to author ever-more complex policies. Once Symantec Data Loss Prevention identifies data that Information Centric Tagging has classified, it can automatically trigger the
appropriate response according to your enterprise data loss prevention policies.

Robust data protection everywhere

Information Centric Tagging can engage and encourage users to protect sensitive email messages, documents, and images by triggering educational pop-ups and automatic watermarking. When integrated with Symantec Data Loss Prevention and Symantec Information Centric Encryption, Information Centric Tagging can prevent users from transferring unclassified content and ensure that classified files and messages are automatically  encrypted and protected with the application of digital rights and role-based access control that follows the data everywhere—on premises, in the cloud, on user devices—even when shared with external parties. This ensures sensitive data always stays in the correct hands and reduces data loss and noncompliance risks.

In a world that fosters collaboration everywhere, information centric security must encompass a comprehensive set of capabilities, including sensitive data discovery, classification, user authentication, and encryption. Integrating these capabilities in a manner where the protections follow the data ensures all sensitive information is protected, both inside and outside the organisation’s network perimeter, and remains accessible only to the intended recipients.

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